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Hey there,

Tori Black here. The real one, mind you. Not the fine-tuned, tempered,  or censored version. Not to say that I was ever fake, just more selective about what I shared and what I kept to myself. It’s all politics; don’t take it personally. This is a new place for me to let my mind out… Leash-less, if you will.

I’ve started a new life. There will always be traces of the past, in fact all of my different pasts, but I’ve turned a new leaf. I am my own woman, my own boss, my own power source, and this will be the place I come to lay my head at night and reminisce on the day. I’ll share the funny moments, the serious thought, and my unanswered questions. There will be personal photos, but I have to warn you now, if you’re looking for my nakedness; that’s not what this site is about.

My blog will be a great way for you all to get to know me, ask me questions, have debates, laugh with me, and ponder over life’s funny idiosyncrasies. I’m very excited to show something far deeper than my lady-parts, and if you’d like to see something more from your neighborhood pornstar, do read on…


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